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Chartreuse Shad

New Technology which mimics the basic reflections of light in nature has proven to be a major advancement in the design and effectiveness of fishing lures. 3M scientist Andrew J. Ouderkirk has received numerous awards including the 2004 American Chemical Society Award for creative invention. This prestigious award was granted for his invention of reflecting films inspired by the vibrant changing colors of a butterfly’s wings. Ouderkirk leads a team that uses plastic materials and films to mimic the reflective surfaces found in nature. This film used in everything from computer displays to architectural lighting has now been introduced to the fishing industry. A piece of this film originally used by the packaging industry has sparked a whole new line of hard plastic plugs when discovered by Joe Renosky. A renowned fishing lure designer, Renosky’s combination of this amazing light-reflecting film and Renosky’s own honeycomb series of fishing plugs have created lures that truly duplicate the light reflecting scales of a live minnow as it flees from the jaws of a predator fish. Little did Ouderkirk and his team realize when dabbling into the deep dark secrets of the Morpho Butterfly wing that their multioptic film would help to create the closest thing to fish scales ever before created and put to work. When Renosky encapsulated this film into his honeycomb lures he realized that it would literally attract any predator fish. The “Mirror Image Series” of plugs has already made its mark on the fishing industry. From the “Mirror Image” top water popper to the shallow or deep water divers, Renosky’s “Mirror Image Series” covers all water depths and light conditions.  The “Mirror Image Series” from Renosky lures has the fishing industry buzzing. Renosky’s “Mirror Image” baits are enticing them all from Bass, Trout, Salmon, Muskie, Walleye in fresh water or Red fish, striper, Sea Trout and a variety of other saltwater species. Predator fish can’t resist the amazing life-like iridescent and highly reflective appearance that the combination of this film and the Renosky honeycomb design have created. The “Mirror Image” series is available at your local sporting goods distributor or order online today.

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